Back to Reality

I don't even know how to start a blog post anymore. I haven't blogged in months and where do you begin when so much has changed. Yes, my life has changed a lot, but mostly I'm talking about this whole blogger interface. I imagine this is what it's like to wake up from a coma and learn that there's something called the internet and phones are now mini assistants that we can't live without. 

I thought about just giving up on this blog because most of our house renovations are complete, albeit I forgot to blog about the majority of them. But, I've had requests from some dear friends to post more so they don't have to actually ask me what's going on in my life. Just kidding guys, I love all 4 of you. I refrained from obsessively blogging over the last year because I didn't want to subject my few but loyal followers to nonstop wedding updates. Because, really, I'd like to admit there was more going on in my life than planning a wedding in the last year, but honestly those things are freaking time sucking leeches. I know it's probably not best to describe the happiest day of your life as a leech, but let's just say I plan to have a lot more time to myself and a lot more money not that the wedding is behind us. Although, an amazing day it was.

Now, more about the wedding. I feel it's not right to go over the details and give you a play by play without having pictures to actually prove that we did get married. So, I will save most of the wedding for another time, but I will mention that it was awesome. Everything looked better than I hoped for, people danced till they could no longer move (this is mostly because of the copious amounts of alcohol they drank), the food was delish and all of it was nontraditional and so perfectly *us*. 

After the wedding, we headed off to Bali for a week and then spent 4 days exploring Hong Kong. It was an amazing honeymoon, again, there will be pictures to prove that we weren't just hiding out in our house updating our facebook statuses to "married" and eating leftover wedding pie. Spoiler alert: we had pie, not cake at our wedding. But until then, I will give you some highlights and advice from our trip:

*$6 massages. Let me clarify, one hour massages that cost $6 and will seriously leave you wondering why you ever plan on leaving the island. These massages are reason enough to visit Bali. 

*Monkeys. Watch out. These little shits do not respect your personal space. One minute you're all, "oh honey look, there's a monkey in the tree!" and the next you're like. "holy shit. This monkey just went through my purse, stole all my credit cards and bought 100 lbs of bananas without even asking if my bank charges an international currency fee." They're rude, you guys. And they're not afraid to hiss and smack you if you don't give them what they want, which is usually bananas and anything shiny that you may be wearing. 

*Cups of water in Hong Kong. On our first day in Hong Kong we ate at a noodle house and were surprised when our server delivered a cup of water. I had never been in a foreign country where they give you water without ordering it, so at first I was all, "hell yeah, free water." Then, I took a big gulp and realized it was hot water. It wasn't even the luke warm water that you can get by with drinking, but it's not perfectly refreshing either. We're talking straight up boiling water so hot that your teabag wouldn't even want to sit in it. After wondering if I was supposed to bring my own teabag for this water, I looked around to notice that the cups of water were provided to clean off your chopsticks. So, not only did I burn the roof of my mouth off, I was exposing it to all sorts of Chinese germs because I didn't properly sanitize my chopsticks before shoving the noodles in my silly little American mouth. Learn from my mistakes, people. 

*Shopping in Hong Kong. There are so many malls in Hong Kong that even Sarah Jessica Parker would be intimidated. I was too overwhelmed the first three days in Hong Kong to actually buy anything. I would just look in amazement and ride the escalators up and up until I just felt like they were being ridiculous for having 18 floors in a shopping mall. Then, I would walk two blocks and do the same thing over again in the next mall.

* Toilet paper. It's not mandatory to have toilet paper available in public bathrooms, so you have to bring your own. Same goes for napkins in local, non-touristy restaurants. They might give you a cup of boiling water, but it's your responsibility to bring your own damn napkin.

*When ordering a bubble tea, don't get the panna cotta cornflake chocolate milk tea. Any sensible person would realize this is just way too much stuff to suck up through a straw, but boyfriend (I will eventually stop calling him that since he's now my husband, but It's not as easy as it sounds) felt like it was a smart choice and spent three days regretting that decision. 

*Durian fruit, according to boyfriend, it smells as if a banana farted. In his defense, this is a pretty accurate description. And that description alone is why you should not eat it. After questioning our guide over and over about this fruit, he was nice enough to flag a motorist down who was on his way to sell the fruit to the local markets. He explained that buying the fruit before it was sold to the markets made it a lot cheaper and we were lucky. What he didn't explain is that it meant the fruit had been basking in the sun, so it would smell and taste like a hot banana fart. 

I'll leave you with that, a hot banana fart. 

Summer flashback: The First First

Now that it's going to be raining for the next 6 months, I feel like I can catch the world (hello, world) up on some of the last few months. 

I mentioned in my last post that summer brought a lot of new "firsts." Firstly, the first first was that I joined an adult ballet class. I'm trying to put this behind me, but feel like I need to get it out there in case in about 5 or so weeks I'm all, "hey, remember when I did ballet and how much fun it was? I should do that again." And then you guys will be here to shut that shit down. 

Here's what you need to know about me:
-I'm not very flexible
-I'm extremely uncoordinated
-I have no rhythm 
-My butt is way too big to be a ballerina
-My knees and ankles crack when I bend over
-I have crazy friends that convinced me it was a GOOD idea for me to take ballet
-I am a crazy friend and convinced an equally naive friend to join ballet with me
-I have an amazing point 
-90% of my motivation behind ballet was an excuse to buy tights and pink ballet slippers.

It took 5 weeks of knee cracking off-beat dancing for me to admit the above, but now it's settled. I can finally mark Ballerina off my potential list of life callings, but seriously you guys, if all it took was a nice point... I would be one bitchin ballerina. 

There are no pictures to go along with this post, because I feel like the story is humiliating enough. 

Goodbye Summer, Hello Rain.

So much has happened this summer, hence my absence around these parts. So many firsts. So many adventures. So many beautiful Portland sunny days. Weather wise, this was the best Portland summer ever. I have mixed feelings about fall that threw itself upon us today. We went from sunny mid 70 degree weather to mid 50's and raining. I'm excited for layering, boots and having an excuse to do nothing but cuddle in bed watching movies. However, I'm not a cold weather girl. I think this blog post was motivated by the space heater sitting next to me that I refuse to move away from. 

But, while I'm here warming up, I wanted to share some of our engagement photos. They were taken a few weeks ago by Leah Verway. It was back when it was warm and we could be outside without me whining.

Our shoot with Leah was the most relaxing photo shoot ever. Most of the time we didn't even know she was snapping photos of us. She sat on a blanket with us and talked about life, weddings, dogs and made us feel really comfortable while secretly taking a couple shots here and there. We stayed past sunset and broke all sorts of park rules (beer,dogs,fire, just to name a few), which makes our pictures so much more bad ass.

The Original Homeowners

A couple months back, I read a post over at Chezerbay about the 1940's census data being released in an online, searchable version.

I'm a sucker for looking into the past, so I spent some time digging to see what I could find on the half kitchen. I searched page after page, because these are the things I do when I'm avoiding laundry. I was on the last page in our neighborhood when I started to think that our 1934 house was somehow skipped, or misplaced, but then I found them... The Haggs, or does it say Hasg? I'm not sure, but I'm going to call them The Haggs since they aren't here to correct me. Mr. Hagg was 30 years old, same as boyfriend, and the Mrs. was 27. The same exact age as me. Mr. and Mrs. Hagg, a couple the same age as us living in the same exact house 72 years ago. It gave me the chills when I read their ages and then saw that the brother was living in the house at the time. My brother has lived with us in the past, and the whole scenario just seemed bittersweet to picture them in our/their cozy little house which at the time was even smaller than our house now. 

We know that our bedroom and our kitchen were both added on later, so the Haggs + brother had to be living in a one bedroom, possibly studio under 600 square feet. I try to imagine what they did for fun, what the neighborhood was like and how they decorated. I wonder what they would think of the house now, and if they would approve of our remodel.
Most of all, I wonder what Mr. and Mrs Hagg, or Hasg, would have to say about the crazy people in the 70's who put brown and gold linoleum over their hardwood floors. 

Save the Date Video

I'll be finishing up our Save the dates and getting them in the mail within the next few days, but thought I'd share the video since it was featured on Rock n' Roll Bride today. 

Also, I'd like to point out how bad ass my glow stick skills are.   We obviously filmed this part in the dark, so it wasn't until later when boyfriend was editing that he had a horrible realization that deep down inside me there is an inner raver just waiting to stay up until 8 am dancing with sweaty strangers, but my inner raver isn't nearly as alarming as his inner thug. It was the first time in our relationship that I looked at him in his fubu jeans and gangster shirt and thought, "eww, make it go away."

Woodsy on the Inside

Last weekend, we were at the dog park and I found a giant branch I wanted to take home. Lucky for me, it was too big and heavy for a dog to try to fight me for it. This is no fetching stick, it's a bonafide decorating stick just looking for a place to snazzy up. Boyfriend gave me the "wow you're getting crazier by the day" look that I get quite often, but he put the stick in the car without any questions asked. 

Now, the massive branch is sitting outside of our house and I'm not exactly sure what to do with it. I've found some pretty amazing inspiration, but I feel it needs to be the statement piece in a simply decorated room, or it might come across that we're the crazy people who collect sticks from the dog park.  

What are your thoughts? Get sticky with it, or leave the branches where they belong?



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Holiday Weekend, pets and such

It's a long weekend, so everyone I know (with the exception of us) is out doing fun things. Camping for the weekend, flights across the country, rafting the grand canyon... and I'm on the couch, writing my first blog post this month and trying not to make ANY. SUDDEN. MOVEMENTS. 

See, our house has turned into the family doggy daycare center for the vacationers, and I have learned if you sit very still they don't expect much out of you and they too, sit still for brief periods of time. If I were to get up and refill my coffee cup, one of the three dogs would assume I'm getting up to feed/entertain/take them on the greatest adventure of their life. Then, incidentally all hell breaks lose. They get all excited, which leads to one of them wanting a pet and the other one feeling like they should be the one getting a pet instead (this would be our dog, drake, he's got only child issues), which leads to a drooling mess of doggy wrestling, which leads to fighting over a toy they didn't want 12 seconds ago before I made my move. With that being said, I'm going to get some serious couch action this weekend. I'd take a photo of our kennel arrangements, but that would require me to move, and I just can't allow that to happen. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you adventurers out there.