Kitchen Progress

Sometimes I get a little (a lot) impatient and wish our kitchen was finally done;  then I look back at what we started with...

...and see how much we have accomplished. 

The granite is finally down, but still needs to be grouted. There are still some final touches that need to be done to seal the deal, but our half kitchen is finally starting to look like it belongs in 2010, and look at all the extra counter space we gained by moving the refrigerator!


Kelly said...

I love the shelves above your stove. Are those from Ikea? How do you like them?


Rolerkite said...

yes- our cabinets are all from Ikea too. We love the open shelving! It helps open the kitchen up- which was totally necessary for our small space. It will also be a cool "display" once we have some bright mugs and other items that can add a pop of color to our kitchen.

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