DIY Ikeahack bedframe

Feeling inspired by this beautiful and way out-of-our-price range ($2200) bedframe on we decided to pay a visit to our friend, IKEA, to see if there was anything similar we could settle on .Yeah right. But, we did end up taking home the blah $49.99 Fjellse bed to morph into a one-of-a-kind sexy bed replica. 
IKEA $49.99 FJELSSE Bed Frame

Yes, we sleep on a full size bed. Don't judge. 
Just look at the bed frame mmmkay. 

After staining the Fjellse, we cut two slabs of pine, stained them and screwed them onto the Fjellse, coated it all with Osmo and bamm the sexy bed replica was complete. 
The new bed set us back about $60. 


Carol@TheDesignPages said...

That is impressive AND you have an extra $2,140 in your pocket!!

secretsofawannabehousewife said...

I saw this on Ikea hacker, and was hoping you could answer a question for me. I'm looking to incorporate an ikea frame with an under-the-bed drawer set I've had forever from an old waterbed. I can make a trip eventually to buy the frame, but I work odd hours and want to save myself a wasted trip. Would you be so kind as to tell me what the measurement from the floor to the bottom edge of the frame is? I'm hoping it's enough for the drawers to have clearance! Hopefully I'll have an ikea hack of my own soon!

John Voakes said...

What were the dimensions of the pine backboards? I so want to recreate this look!

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