I'm super excited to show you guys our little spare bedroom project. 
Goodbye, big awkward armoire, hello sexy fauxdenza. I can't stop saying it, fauxdenza fauxdenza fauxdenza. 

The cabinets are IKEA kitchen cabinets. The top and side are pine slabs that we stained and coated with Osmo. Since these are the same cabinets we have in our kitchen, I wanted to do something different to the handles so they didn't look too kitcheny.  Small, leather pull tabs did just the trick. 

The top is perfect height to stand and work on craft projects, and all the extra storage is perfect for my shoe hoarding problem. I bet you had no idea I had 4,876 pairs of shoes in there. 

Now, I'm in the market for some art to hang above it. I'm thinking about just framing a gigantic poster of boyfriend and writing "I kick ass" across his face, because he is doing some major ass kicking around the half kitchen. In the last year and a half he's gone from not knowing how to use a level to building shit like this in the amount of time that it takes for me to dry my hair. I'm impressed.


maxi said...

love it! i actually have a fauxdenza in my hallway since 6 years. sylvia and i hung white, plain ikea kitchen cabinets on our wall really low for our shoes :)

Noel said...

Awesome, I have been meaning to do something like this but not too confident I will be able to do it. Could you please post the links to the stuff you bought from Ikea?

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