Holiday Weekend, pets and such

It's a long weekend, so everyone I know (with the exception of us) is out doing fun things. Camping for the weekend, flights across the country, rafting the grand canyon... and I'm on the couch, writing my first blog post this month and trying not to make ANY. SUDDEN. MOVEMENTS. 

See, our house has turned into the family doggy daycare center for the vacationers, and I have learned if you sit very still they don't expect much out of you and they too, sit still for brief periods of time. If I were to get up and refill my coffee cup, one of the three dogs would assume I'm getting up to feed/entertain/take them on the greatest adventure of their life. Then, incidentally all hell breaks lose. They get all excited, which leads to one of them wanting a pet and the other one feeling like they should be the one getting a pet instead (this would be our dog, drake, he's got only child issues), which leads to a drooling mess of doggy wrestling, which leads to fighting over a toy they didn't want 12 seconds ago before I made my move. With that being said, I'm going to get some serious couch action this weekend. I'd take a photo of our kennel arrangements, but that would require me to move, and I just can't allow that to happen. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you adventurers out there. 


Dressing On The Side said...

that video. too funny. would not like to be on vay-cay with him. Looks like the vacationing dogless family members will be having future sleepovers with Drake...they owe you.

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